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John L

Netball Complex News: EPA!

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I have removed names for the sake of anonymity


To the EPA. 13/09/2019

As I have alluded to in previous correspondence, Bayside Council’s record in the environmental area is shabby to say the least. As you are aware, Bayside Council were ordered to spend Millions of Dollars rehabilitating Merindah Park an area only a few hundred meters away from the proposed Netball Complex.   That same site in earlier times was that of a  Rubbish Tip. The site also abuts that of a former Battery Factory that manufactured lead filled acid batteries, whose waste was dumped at the site and as it is  widely known by Locals that large amounts of asbestos was dumped at the site.


If you check your files Heather you will be aware of the Affidvit  we supplied you  signed by the then Health Officer of the then called Sandringham Council that states also that there were some very dubious content dumped at the site. It is also alleged by that Health Officer that  there was questionable procedures  that may have been afforded to  the then Developer by Council of the Housing Estate that we concerned resident reside.  This is sandwiched between Merindah Park and the proposed Netball site. It has also been brought to your attention that there has been an inordinate amount people who have been inflicted with serious illnesses. I can  assure you there are a lot more.


Bayside council has proceeded in a most stealthful and arrogant way in this whole affair and have been most impolite to we residents.


If it wasn’t for a few concerned residents this project would have ploughed ahead with complete disregard to we residents and Council have only became proactive in informing residents through pressure from Offices and yours and News Limited.


Heads should roll here.  We do not live in a Totalitarian State where people in position trample over their constituents . And IF there are more health issues that surface while and after construction it would be most sad indeed.


I look forward to your findings  and thank you for your diligent work thus far.






Subject: Re: Drop in Session at Bayside City Council


Hi xxxxx,

That's great, thanks for the update, we look forward to hearing from you after the meeting with council in August 

Kind regards 



On Wed, 7 Aug 2019



I hope you’re going well.


Further to my email below, I’m happy to continue to chat about this site if you  have any additional questions about EPA’s activities, or if receive any further updates from Council or the other avenues you have been exploring.


We are continuing to wait for outcomes of Council’s further investigations into groundwater and landfill gas in relation to the proposed development, but we are still confident at this stage that Council are on track and responding to our requests.


We are meeting with Council again on 19 August, so please let me know if there’s anything additional you would like me to raise with them. We will be seeking an update on the planning proposal then too.


Kind regards,




Hi xxxxx,


How are you? I hope you are going well.


Just touching base about the Sandringham Golf Driving Range and to check if you’ve made any progress with Council on the planning process and if you have received any further information from them.


EPA is so far satisfied with Council’s progress in responding to our requests for the additional investigations and assessments, regarding landfill gas and groundwater. We haven’t received any additional reports yet, but we are confident at this stage that Council will undertake the investigations soon, and we do not yet need to issue a Pollution Abatement Notice to require further action from Council. I will keep you updated with this though.


Let me know if I can help in any way, or if you would like to discuss anything at this stage.


Kind regards,





Hi xxxxx,


Thank you for your email and I apologise for my delay in responding.


I was disappointed to read in the letter you attached that the meeting on 26 June was not helpful for the community. I hope that you receive more information from Council soon.


EPA had a productive meeting with Council last week where we outlined our expectations for the additional investigations and assessments, particularly regarding landfill gas and groundwater. We are encouraging Council to undertake these assessments as soon as possible. Council also updated EPA on the changed planning proposal (including the indoor stadium), which you had previously informed me about.


If the additional assessments are not undertaken proactively by Council, EPA will then require them in Pollution Abatement Notices, or as part of EPA’s formal response to the planning referral when it is referred to EPA.


I will keep you updated, but please let me know if you would like any more information in the meantime, or if you have any updates from your discussions.


Kind regards,




I am writing to see how you went with the meeting at Council last week. I have attached our letter for your records to the Mayor and all of the Councillors after the drop in session on Wednesday evening. The Victorian ombudsman investigating also received a copy.


Look forward to hearing from you soon


Kind regards




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