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John L

Oh, The Waste!

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I suppose Bayside Council is like most Councils Australia wide, mainly seen to be run by incompetent fools.

I will no go into the plethora of deals they have bungled over the years. But what gets me is their Street Tree policy. They plant gum trees : while these are beautiful specimens, they are great in the bush, not in suburban Melbourne.

Gum Tree's canopies invariably grow through the power lines and then Council are forever pruning them and turning them into ugly deformed monstrosities. And then have to repair the footpaths they crack when the roots get so large. It doesn't end there, the leaves they shed block the drains and cause flooding in the suburbs.

Talk about Digging holes and filling them back up again! When quizzed; Council responded by saying they encourage the native bird life: WRONG, most of our native birds have been made extinct by the introduced Indian Myna!


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