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Bayside Spending??

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In regards to this 27 Million Dollar spend fest by Bayside Council's ill proposed Netball Complex. Why will Council not disclose the payout figure to existing leasee of the current site who recently resigned a 10 year lease?

Surely ratepayers have a right to know!

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Apparently this is not the only dubious undisclosed money drain that Council have inherited. Apparently there is a sub tenant that is in costly litigation with Bayside in regards to this ill proposed Netball Complex with Council at the moment.

It appears there is never any money issues with this Council, they just keep tapping the ratepayers!

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Hello Matthew, thank you for yours and Celia’s  time today.


It was most encouraging to speak with you again as the feedback we have received from  most people within Council has been most dismissive and un supporting.


Just to enlighten you on a couple of things, the Ombusman rang today and the issue of secrecy and the potential litigation and the high cost that may evolve involving  a sub tenant of the Golf Driving Range has been raised, along with the secrecy  from Council into the settlement with the existing tenant of the golf Driving range is also of concern!


The Ombudsman is investigating both these issues!


As you say, as you are an independent arbiter for Council, I am sure once you come down to our area and do your own due diligence and investigations you will learn that this is a most inappropriate locale for the plethora of reasons brought up at our meeting.


Thanks again Matthew.




John L

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