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John L

More Health Issues at Bayside!

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More Health Issues at Bayside.

Bayside Council have been put on notice about  the inordinate amount of health concerns that have been raised in and around the current golf driving range that was once the site of a toxic landfill site.

We have official documentation on the horrendous history of this site that is soon to be unearthed and the toxic waste buried beneath that surface to be dredged up to construct a Massive Netball Complex.

I received a another disturbing email yesterday from a neighbour who has contracted a debilitating auto immune disease, that is the 6th person who has contacted serious illness within 500 meters of this site, unfortunately there has been one death.

Who knows how many more people are to be affected when this ill proposed development goes ahead.

Would Bayside Council be one of the worst Councils in Australia? I cannot seeing too many as bad as them!


Let me know your views.

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Guest Leaanne

It seems that many councils are in the Media of late, and only yesterday two articles where written in the Herald Sun Thursday 20th June 2019

1. The First Article Regarding Dodgy Council Claims, where the investigation by the Victoria's Auditor-General concluded that councils are failing to meet ratepayers expectations with their frivolous and secretive use of public money. The Auditor-General Dave Barry, analysed spending by Wellington, Strathbogie, Wyndham and Shepparton Councils and found major gaps in corruption controls. There needs to be a Royal Commission on Councils throughout  Australia.

2. The second article titled Coup denied in council sacking, South Gippsland Shire Council is to be sacked after an inquiry found serious conflict among councillors.  The move by the state government comes after a Commission of Inquiry into the Leongatha-based council found " a high level of tension discord and conflict between the councillors elected in 2016.

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You are spot on Michelle.

I don't want to appear  as a conspiracy theorist  here but there is a lot of dodgy stuff happening within Councils.

It appears to me that today all Councils are, are quasi state government agencies doing all their dirty work. They used to sweep the streets and do the garbage. Now they a taking on massive projects and ramming through decisions many times to the detriment of the ratepayer.

And it's funny how all their staff are so well remunerated all towing the party line.

Great post Michelle: all very dodgy indeed!

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