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  1. Thanks for uploading this Mick. have you read him? I reiterate a true genius, the ilk of Nietzsche weren't sucked in by society and religion. Nietzsche read all the classics and worked out it out for himself. Not like our sad generation hooked on tabloid TV and pushed around by Leaders of Society and the fraud that is Religion
  2. For those that know little about Friedrich Nietzsche I urge you to learn as much as you can about this genius. On reading or listening to his Audio books; that btw; are on Youtube you will learn what a true genius he was. I suggest you begin doing a little research first on Nietzsche and then take on : " Thus Spoke Zarathustra" and then " Ecce Homo" In " Thus Spoke Zarathustra" Nietzsche exposes the fraud that is Religion, the hypocrisy of much of mankind especially those that try to rule us, this is mind blowing stuff, I just wish I read this when I was 16 and not 66. In" Ecce Homo" Nietzsche biography - he holds back no punches on the shallowness of much of mankind and divulges his ethos , which I believe is to being true to ones self. If you have Children or Grand Children, this compulsive reading for development of powerful, balanced and content human beings. Enjoy. Fred.