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  1. I have removed names for the sake of anonymity To the EPA. 13/09/2019 As I have alluded to in previous correspondence, Bayside Council’s record in the environmental area is shabby to say the least. As you are aware, Bayside Council were ordered to spend Millions of Dollars rehabilitating Merindah Park an area only a few hundred meters away from the proposed Netball Complex. That same site in earlier times was that of a Rubbish Tip. The site also abuts that of a former Battery Factory that manufactured lead filled acid batteries, whose waste was dumped at the site and as it is widely known by Locals that large amounts of asbestos was dumped at the site. If you check your files Heather you will be aware of the Affidvit we supplied you signed by the then Health Officer of the then called Sandringham Council that states also that there were some very dubious content dumped at the site. It is also alleged by that Health Officer that there was questionable procedures that may have been afforded to the then Developer by Council of the Housing Estate that we concerned resident reside. This is sandwiched between Merindah Park and the proposed Netball site. It has also been brought to your attention that there has been an inordinate amount people who have been inflicted with serious illnesses. I can assure you there are a lot more. Bayside council has proceeded in a most stealthful and arrogant way in this whole affair and have been most impolite to we residents. If it wasn’t for a few concerned residents this project would have ploughed ahead with complete disregard to we residents and Council have only became proactive in informing residents through pressure from Offices and yours and News Limited. Heads should roll here. We do not live in a Totalitarian State where people in position trample over their constituents . And IF there are more health issues that surface while and after construction it would be most sad indeed. I look forward to your findings and thank you for your diligent work thus far. Regards Www.councilwatch.net.au Subject: Re: Drop in Session at Bayside City Council Hi xxxxx, That's great, thanks for the update, we look forward to hearing from you after the meeting with council in August Kind regards XXXXXXXX On Wed, 7 Aug 2019 Hi I hope you’re going well. Further to my email below, I’m happy to continue to chat about this site if you have any additional questions about EPA’s activities, or if receive any further updates from Council or the other avenues you have been exploring. We are continuing to wait for outcomes of Council’s further investigations into groundwater and landfill gas in relation to the proposed development, but we are still confident at this stage that Council are on track and responding to our requests. We are meeting with Council again on 19 August, so please let me know if there’s anything additional you would like me to raise with them. We will be seeking an update on the planning proposal then too. Kind regards, xxxxxxx. __ Hi xxxxx, How are you? I hope you are going well. Just touching base about the Sandringham Golf Driving Range and to check if you’ve made any progress with Council on the planning process and if you have received any further information from them. EPA is so far satisfied with Council’s progress in responding to our requests for the additional investigations and assessments, regarding landfill gas and groundwater. We haven’t received any additional reports yet, but we are confident at this stage that Council will undertake the investigations soon, and we do not yet need to issue a Pollution Abatement Notice to require further action from Council. I will keep you updated with this though. Let me know if I can help in any way, or if you would like to discuss anything at this stage. Kind regards, xxxxxxx __ Hi xxxxx, Thank you for your email and I apologise for my delay in responding. I was disappointed to read in the letter you attached that the meeting on 26 June was not helpful for the community. I hope that you receive more information from Council soon. EPA had a productive meeting with Council last week where we outlined our expectations for the additional investigations and assessments, particularly regarding landfill gas and groundwater. We are encouraging Council to undertake these assessments as soon as possible. Council also updated EPA on the changed planning proposal (including the indoor stadium), which you had previously informed me about. If the additional assessments are not undertaken proactively by Council, EPA will then require them in Pollution Abatement Notices, or as part of EPA’s formal response to the planning referral when it is referred to EPA. I will keep you updated, but please let me know if you would like any more information in the meantime, or if you have any updates from your discussions. Kind regards, xxxxxx __ I am writing to see how you went with the meeting at Council last week. I have attached our letter for your records to the Mayor and all of the Councillors after the drop in session on Wednesday evening. The Victorian ombudsman investigating also received a copy. Look forward to hearing from you soon Kind regards XXXXXXX
  2. Hello members. The more I learn about the mo of Councils the more disillusioned I become, and that also applies to some so called independent Government agencies. The reason Council's get away with what they do is because of the apathy of we fair minded Aussies. They know only too well that there will be the odd dissident that will rattle the cage to their dubious actions, but it will all blow over in the end. The face of our Country is changing, most of our roads are choked with traffic, public transport is packed, and it face pf our nation is changing. Please pass on our web site to your friends so they can join and be heard: Strength in Numbers is the only way we keep the bastards honest!
  3. I suppose Bayside Council is like most Councils Australia wide, mainly seen to be run by incompetent fools. I will no go into the plethora of deals they have bungled over the years. But what gets me is their Street Tree policy. They plant gum trees : while these are beautiful specimens, they are great in the bush, not in suburban Melbourne. Gum Tree's canopies invariably grow through the power lines and then Council are forever pruning them and turning them into ugly deformed monstrosities. And then have to repair the footpaths they crack when the roots get so large. It doesn't end there, the leaves they shed block the drains and cause flooding in the suburbs. Talk about Digging holes and filling them back up again! When quizzed; Council responded by saying they encourage the native bird life: WRONG, most of our native birds have been made extinct by the introduced Indian Myna! WHAT A JOKE!
  4. That great organization : Victorian Ratepayers Association that was headed by the tireless worker Frank Sullivan has a very capable and talented assistant in Dean Hurlston. Attached is a Press release that was featured in the the Herald Sun over the last few days. Well done to all involved! rpv media release final draft 1.pdf RPV media release council spending.pdf
  5. Hello Matthew, thank you for yours and Celia’s time today. It was most encouraging to speak with you again as the feedback we have received from most people within Council has been most dismissive and un supporting. Just to enlighten you on a couple of things, the Ombusman rang today and the issue of secrecy and the potential litigation and the high cost that may evolve involving a sub tenant of the Golf Driving Range has been raised, along with the secrecy from Council into the settlement with the existing tenant of the golf Driving range is also of concern! The Ombudsman is investigating both these issues! As you say, as you are an independent arbiter for Council, I am sure once you come down to our area and do your own due diligence and investigations you will learn that this is a most inappropriate locale for the plethora of reasons brought up at our meeting. Thanks again Matthew. Regards John L
  6. Hello Members, We are proud to announce that we will soon be featuring and uploading a new On/Line simple to follow Petition form. Once you form your own action group within our forum, we suggest you appoint a spokesperson, fill out the the petition title and other requirements and send the petition off to the appropriate Council. Please spread the word, and please get your neighbours involved. The only way we can only beat them is through strength in numbers.
  7. That mentality seems to be the norm. We had a meeting recently with the CEO of Bayside Council recently, and the Vice President of the Victorian ratepayers association came along with us. The rudeness and lack respect to that fine gentleman from the Ratepayers Assoc. by the Council CEO was most disconcerting indeed: he was virtually told to shut up at the meeting by the CEO as he was not a rate payer! Nothing surprises me! There was an article published today by Victorian Sate Minister for local government stating that there have been may complaints received at his department from rate payers in regards to the actions and arrogance by local Council!
  8. More Health Issues at Bayside. Bayside Council have been put on notice about the inordinate amount of health concerns that have been raised in and around the current golf driving range that was once the site of a toxic landfill site. We have official documentation on the horrendous history of this site that is soon to be unearthed and the toxic waste buried beneath that surface to be dredged up to construct a Massive Netball Complex. I received a another disturbing email yesterday from a neighbour who has contracted a debilitating auto immune disease, that is the 6th person who has contacted serious illness within 500 meters of this site, unfortunately there has been one death. Who knows how many more people are to be affected when this ill proposed development goes ahead. Would Bayside Council be one of the worst Councils in Australia? I cannot seeing too many as bad as them! Let me know your views.
  9. Councils get away with the things they do because they know that people think it is all too hard. Councils know this and that is their MO: So : Do NOT Give UP. My neighbour Michelle who is now my friend and myself have taken on Bayside Council and WE Will beat them, many people have dropped off but we have persisted and hopefully we can offer You and your group sage advice on taking on Councils. There are all sorts of government agencies that are out there to assist. Two that we have found that have been most helpful are the EPA and The Ombudsman. I reiterate most of what Councils get away with is because of apathy, they make it seem that it is impossible the beat them . The only way to beat them is in strength in numbers, walk the streets, send out flyers, get them to join Councilwatch.net.au. So please spread the word and let's make Councilwatch a force to be reckoned with. And: Please Don't Give Up!
  10. Very Interesting time ahead! https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/donald-trump-signs-order-that-allows-us-to-ban-huawei-gear-20190516-p51nun.html
  11. I agree A, it is just not good enough. Out of site out of mind. I believe you may be referring To Bayside Council. This Council do not have the best track record with the EPA, they plough away trying to ram through projects while trying to keep Rate Payers in the dark. Well their time is up, I think the are in for a rude wakening with their dishonesty and potential dubious practices.
  12. Pretty hard to justify a Mayor earning $90K a year for a part time job when all he has to do is to oversee the Rubbish bins and street sweeping. Maybe that's the reason they create these monoliths to themselves.
  13. We really would like for you to have a great experience with our site. To reiterate, our goal is keep the bastards honest through strength in numbers. Like minded people can private message each other, form groups, build friendship or discuss all sorts of topics and issues. If you have any questions, or having any problems with the site don't hesitate to get in touch. Best JL
  14. Below is a list of all VIC Council Offices Website: Alpine Shire Council Website: Ararat Rural City Council Website: Ballarat City Council Website: Banyule City Council Website: Bass Coast Shire Council Website: Baw Baw Shire Council Website: Bayside City Council Website: Benalla Rural City Council Website: Boroondara City Council Website: Brimbank City Council Website: Buloke Shire Council Website: Campaspe Shire Council Website: Cardinia Shire Council Website: Casey City Council Website: Central Goldfields Shire Council Website: Colac Otway Shire Council Website: Corangamite Shire Council Website: Darebin City Council Website: East Gippsland Shire Council Website: Frankston City Council Website: Gannawarra Shire Council Website: Glen Eira City Council Website: Glenelg Shire Council Website: Golden Plains Shire Council Website: Greater Bendigo City Council Website: Greater Dandenong City Council Website: Greater Geelong City Council Website: Greater Shepparton City Council Website: Hepburn Shire Council Website: Hindmarsh Shire Council Website: Hobsons Bay City Council Website: Horsham Rural City Council Website: Hume City Council Website: Indigo Shire Council Website: Kingston City Council Website: Knox City Council Website: Latrobe City Council Website: Loddon Shire Council Website: Macedon Ranges Shire Council Website: Manningham City Council Website: Mansfield Shire Council Website: Maribyrnong City Council Website: Maroondah City Council Website: Melbourne City Council Website: Melton City Council Website: Mildura Rural City Website: Mitchell Shire Council Website: Moira Shire Council Website: Monash City Council Website: Moonee Valley City Council Website: Moorabool Shire Council Website: Moreland City Council Website: Mornington Peninsula Shire Council Website: Mount Alexander Shire Website: Moyne Shire Council Website: Murrindindi Shire Council Website: Nillumbik Shire Council Website: Northern Grampians Shire Council Website: Port Phillip City Council Website: Pyrenees Shire Council Website: Borough of Queenscliffe Council Website: South Gippsland Shire Council Website: Southern Grampians Shire Website: Stonnington City Council Website: Strathbogie Shire Council Website: Surf Coast Shire Council Website: Swan Hill Rural City Council Website: Towong Shire Council Website: Wangaratta Rural City Council Website: Warrnambool City Council Website: Wellington Shire Council Website: West Wimmera Shire Council Website: Whitehorse City Council Website: Whittlesea City Council Website: Wodonga City Council Website: Wyndham City Council Website: Yarra City Council Website: Yarra Ranges Shire Council Website: Yarriambiack Shire Council