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    So sagely put BVSRRA. Councillors in the main in my view re just ego maniacs wishing to impress and pump out their chests to their family and immediate associates; and pick up their perks along the way. Also the Council chambers is a starting block for a future role in Politics, either Federal or State, and btw the the stipend doesn't hold back the cause. Any idea of altruism or Community spirit is a ethos long gone by many in my opinion.
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    Indeed they are a disgrace, the Country over. Most Council's seem to have a cast of thousands in their employ and the get very handsomely remunerated, starting at the top. I think the Bayside Ceo gets around $300k. The same bloke that oversaw recycled waste that we paid to get picked up packaged and sent off to Asia. For them to dump in the Ocean! OMG: How pathetic!